In 2018 we had the opportunity to strike a deal with Gamehouse. Gamehouse is a studio that creates 2D games with a very colorful art style. To help the process along we created this short video in the similar artstyle but in 3D.

I worked on this project together with the very skilled art director, Jeroen Backx. We created this video from scratch in a very short period of time, less than 10 workdays.
I got the opportunity to take a big part of the responsibility on this project and work on many different segments. Brainstorming on what kind of environment/story it was going to be. Working on the props, truck and animals. As well as becoming a character artist for a minute and create our main character.


Employer: Talespin
Role: All-round 3D artist
Resources: Two weeks and two artists
Engine: Unity


- Character sculpting, modeling, and texturing.
- Scene setup & level decoration.
- Animations with Unity timelines.
- Prop and animal modeling/texturing.